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I'me used to "paper & pencil" Role Playing Games since 80's where I started, like numerous of my friends, with Dungeons & Dragons (and AD&D, coming photocopied from england schools...).

My favorite games are Skyrealms Of Jorune and SpaceMaster (ICE), but I've played tons of others. I enjoyed campaigns running from 80's and still continuing, having switched from numerous systems (AD&D then RoleMaster somewhat modified, then lately V2-RPG).

I'm currently writing down my own custom-RPG rule system, V2-RPG, to make share it with anyone who will be interested in. For now, I'm writing in French, but plan to have it translated in english if enough people are interested in. See V2-RPG (french) for more informations.

Btw, you knew »Jorune was not really dead and could "restart" again in a couple of months? I recently had correspondence with Andrew Leker that told me it could be possible for the end of 2008 or 2009 to start writing again on this marvelous world. Hope the Isho will flow again among game tables !!!

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